BioMeta database "flat" files

In accordance with the stipulations for the KEGG data, academic users may download these data freely. Non-academic users may also use this web site as end users, but any form of distribution is not allowed and downloading these data is not permitted.

Version: June 8th, 2007

Molecule data (16.6 MB) molflat.txt
Enzyme data (1.6 MB) enzflat.txt
Reaction data (1.4 MB) rxnflat.txt
Source data (1.5 KB) srcflat.txt
Gnuzipped tar file containing the above (4.3 MB) biometa.tar.gz
Molfiles (tarred and gnuzipped directory, 5.3 MB) moldir.tar.gz
Molfiles (gnuzipped SD file, 4.1 MB) molfiles.sdf.gz

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