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The Inorganic Crystal Structure Database contains entries from X-ray analyses of inorganic compounds from 1912 onwards. Currently, the database contains about 90,000 structures. The ICSD database is searched with a Web interface.

A quick example:

Enter "Y Ba Cu O" in the Elements field, and "4" in the Ele(ment)Count field, then click Go (you have to enter your username/password at this stage) to retrieve all the compounds in the database containing yttrium, barium, copper, and oxygen only.

Click List_Entries, and select an entry from the list. The Structure button gives access to a new screen, to prepare a VRML representation of the 3-D structure. Click Display to obtain a display such as:

[ICSD icon] A VRML display from the crystal structure of YBa2Cu4O8 from Karen P., Kjekshus A., and Andresen A.F.; Acta Chem. Scand. 46, 1059-1064 (1992).
Click on image for full display

There are extensive Help pages in the system. Information about the current version and a news page are also available.

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ICSD is copyright by FIZ-Karlsruhe, the CRYSTIN search program is copyright by R. Hundt & R. Sievers, the WWW interface is copyright (1996-98) by ILL-Grenoble, and the 3-D crystal structure visualisation software, xtal-3d, is copyright (1994-98) by Marcus Hewat.

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