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ISIS (Integrated Scientific Information System) is a client-server-based chemical information management system. It consists of two client or "desktop" components (ISIS/Draw and ISIS/Base) and a server component (ISIS/Host). Databases can be local (on the same machine as the client) or remote (on the same machine as the server or "host").

The user interacts only with the two desktop components: ISIS/Draw, a chemical structure-drawing package, and ISIS/Base, a chemical database program for local databases (on the desktop machine itself) which also handles access to remote databases (on a server). When querying a remote database, ISIS/Base communicates with ISIS/Host, which runs on the server and handles access to the remote database. ISIS/Host executes the query and returns the search results to ISIS/Base.

[RefLib query icon] A typical query for a reaction search from an ISIS/Base session.
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[RefLib hit icon] A typical display of a retrieved reaction from an ISIS/Base session.
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At the CMBI a number of databases have been installed: one (combined) reaction database and one compound database. The databases are accessed through client software which must be downloaded from CMBI's cheminf server and installed on your local desktop machine.

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