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The ACD (Available Chemicals Directory) database is a compilation of the chemicals catalogs of all major suppliers. It contains more than 570,000 substances, representing over 1.7 million individual chemical products from hundreds of suppliers, and is one of the largest structure-searchable database of commercially available chemicals. The information provided includes prices, package sizes, purities, and forms. In addition, the addresses and phone numbers of the suppliers and their distributors can be found.

ACD is implemented in the ISIS chemical database system. The most important options in the query menu are structure-oriented: exact compound, substructure, and similar structure. Additional query options are: compound name, CAS registry number, molecular formula, and molecular weight. The information presented for a substance entry ranges from just one catalog entry of one supplier to hundreds of catalog entries of many tens of suppliers for very common chemicals. The browsing menu actually consists of five pages called Structure, Prices, Catalog, Model, and Address; the last of these contains information about the suppliers. The Model page gives access to the (Corina-generated) 3D structure.

[ACD icon] Displays from an ACD session, featuring the browsing menu.
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An overview of the current status of the ACD database can be found elsewhere.

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