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The RefLib (Reference Library of Synthetic Methodology) database contains a broad collection of novel methods for organic synthesis, abstracted from the primary chemical literature from 1900 through 1991. The focus of the database is on novelty of methodology (selective transformations, catalytic methods, new applications of known reagents, asymmetric synthesis) and the best reaction has been selected to represent a specific methodology.

RefLib is a combination of databases which existed previously under the REACCS and/or ORAC reaction retrieval systems:

* Theilheimer
Theilheimer's Synthetic Methods of Organic Chemistry (1946-1980)
REACCS' Current Literature File (primary literature 1983-1991)
* ACF and BOX1-12
ORAC's "core" database (primary literature through 1991)
* Chiras
REACCS' asymmetric synthesis database (literature 1975-1991)
* Metalysis
REACCS' database of metal-mediated transformations (literature 1974-1991)
Comprehensive Heterocyclic Chemistry (volumes 1-8, 1984)
[RefLib hit icon] A typical reaction display from an ISIS search in the RefLib database.
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The size of the database is 209,777 reactions containing about 271,000 molecules and 121,000 literature references from 500 different journals from the period 1900-1991. The current version is 2001.1, but it is a "closed" database; no further updates will take place. An overview of the current status of all available reaction databases can be found elsewhere.

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