Running MOLDEN on Mac OS X


The following text does not reflect the current situation. A binary version of Molden/gmolden is now available on our anonymous ftp site:

Original text:

MOLDEN is a molecular graphicsprogram that runs under the X Windows system on a variety of UNIX machines. While Mac OS X is based on a UNIX variant; out of the box, Mac OS X does nothave the X Windows system installed.


There are a number of ways toinstall X Windows on Mac OS X and recommended are:





Once the X Windows system isinstalled and running, start MOLDEN from an xterm window by typing the name of the executable which you downloaded from the MOLDEN web page.


As the author of MOLDEN does not have access to Mac OS X, please contact EricBrown with questions about launching or compiling the program. Please referto the help pages of the respective X Windows distributions for questionspertaining to its installation and tutorials.


E. C. Brown

Quantum Chemistry Consulting

September 30, 2002